Everything is possible
if you have a Team!

Our company is a young team of professional and keen workers, who are focused on success and practise new philosophy of business. Working with clients we intend to propose the most optimal decisions in respect of consultancy services providing.


Safety first

Motto of modern international business is «Nothing costs a human life». On our part we support and successfully implement this idea. We give priority to safety aspects in everyday work.

ISO certificate 9001:2008

We rate quality highly and that is why decided that it is necessary to certify this kind of our business activity in accordance with international quality management system ISO 9001:2008.

Western mindset

We are proud to be a company of new standard and introduce a different vision of work style to Russian business. Our vision consists first of all of unity of western mindset and considerable oriental cognitive intelligence.

HR Database

Our team consists of professionals with capital P and we are proud of it. Our candidates are personalities having innovative and creative mindset. They are team-workers and customer-focused employees.