Offshore Technology Consulting Ltd.
Everything is possible
if you have a team!
We are sure in the future !

Our company is progressing day by day and is having its way on. The history of our organization has many remarkable events. We have many news which we’d like to share with you on our site. Any visitors are pretty welcome as we hope you’ll be interested in Offshore Technology Consulting LTD performance on Russian market.

Our company is a young team of professional and keen workers, who are focused on success and confess new philosophy of business. Working with clients we intend to propose the most optimal decisions in respect of consultancy services providing. We also spend much attention to quality issues of our services, as we strive to provide the best resources at our Clients disposal.

You will find information regarding our work, achievements and development plans on our site.

I appreciate your kindness and with all kind regards,

Dmitry Chizhikov