Facilitation Services

Our all-round support makes our clients confident working far from home in an alien environment. We will establish your remote office as a highly comfortable area where you may have minimum concerns for every-day life. You will get a possibility to focus on your main target and to proceed in the achievement of your objectives with confidence.

We know the value of our partners’ time and we are ready to provide full range of facilitation services. Facilitation services personnel will take care about all supporting matters.

    We provide extensive administration support:
  • We are qualified in English: we can break language barrier in visiting meetings and negotiations with Russian companies and authorities; we can translate required documentation; we can organize a dedicated telephone number with 24 hour English speaking operator; we can process your mail including incoming/outgoing documentation;
  • We can provide full range of transportation services (meeting in airport with full support – facilitation of delegations during the whole period of stay);
  • We undertake agency functions.
    And also:
  • We follow making up of documents, visas, work permits in the RF FMS; we arrange medical examination activities for our international partners.