Project implementation period : 2006-2009
Location of construction sites : Sayanogorsk (the Republic of Khakassia), Krasnoyarsk (Krasnoyarskiy Kray), Bratsk (Irkutskaya Oblast)
Client : RUSAL
Contractor : Alstom Power Stavan
Number of OTC employees : 8 people
OTC scope of work : Project Engineer and Contractor’s representative at construction site. Design and Technical supervision of gas treatment plants installation. Coordination of construction subcontractor’s activities. Supply and logistics of Contractor’s material, equipment and mechanisms on delivery to construction site.

Similar projects were executed in Sayanogorsk and Krasnoyarsk. Contractor’s scope of work was to install a number of Gas Treatment Plants in the process of KhAZ construction and KrAZ modernization.

Gas Treatment Plant includes installation of a large-size filter which is 50*25*15 m size.

Target of BrAZ project was modernization of production service systems using modern technologies. Such modernization can significantly decrease environmental impact and improve production efficiency. The initial stage of modernization consisted in equipping of one shop with modern automatic alumina feeding system. The final stage of modernization consisted in installation of high-performance gas treatment plant.

General results of projects: