Kirinskoye Gas and Condensate Field Development

Started in : 2012
Project completion : 2012
Location of delivery site : Vrangel, Primorsky Kray, the Russian Federation
Field : Kirinskoye Gas and Condensate, Sakhalin Island
Client : Gazprom, MRTS
Number of OTC employees : 16 people
OTC scope of work : Coordination of production, supply and loading of rock for scour protection work for the pipeline, Agency Contractor (Services), Manpower Provision for mechanical, E&I and commissioning works during maintenace of shore loading cars, minibuses, buses, provision of qualified and certified drivers; husbendry tasks

«Sakhalin-3» — perspective O&G project at Sakhalin Island shore. «Sakhalin-3» includes four deposit blocks at Okhotsk Sea offshore: Kirin, Venin, Ayash and East-Odoptu. Kirin gas condensate deposit was discovered in 1992. It’s situated 28 km east of Sakhalin Island. Depth in Kirin deposit area is 91 m; it implies that unique so-called sub-sea technologies were used during its development. Underwater extraction complexes weighting around 400 tons were set up at sea bottom. The Complex includes six production wells. Such extraction complexes are used in Russia for the first time.

When project is finished gas mixed with condensate and water will be directed to the land technological complex which is being built at Noglik area 6 km away from shore. Then gas will go to the main compressor station via pipeline and further to «Sakhalin — Khabarovsk — Vladivostok» gas transportation system. Condensate will be routed into existing «Sakhalin Energy» pipeline.

The project’s operator is Gazprom, which is running various stages of the project involving such major contractors as: Jan De Nul, Gazflot, FMC Technologies, Gazprom Dobycha Shelf, Mezhregiontruboprovodstroy and others.

During 2012, ОТС has been participating in works related to development of Kirin deposit. As a part of this project, ОТС acted as a key subcontractor for one of the Jan De Nul group’s companies in Primorsky Krai. Works included: