Manpower Provision

Our team consists of professionals with capital P and we are proud of it. We have been in this business over a long period of time and we are constantly enlarging our working geography.

During our work and participation in a number of international projects in the Russian Federation and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) we have collected an extensive detailed HR Database including highly skilled specialists from different areas of our country.

Our database consists of several hundreds of cv’s of technical engineering personnel, as well as of workers. Our candidates are versatile personalities having innovative and creative mindset. They are team-workers and customer-focused employees. They strive for active, efficient and challenging work.

    We offer:
  • Search, selection and employment for further provision to clients – we will gather a team of perfect specialists, who are certified in RTN (Rostekhnadzor) for participation in oil and gas projects and are experienced in execution of several projects in the RF, including the Far East, who have a good command of English and invaluable experience of working in an international team. We offer the following categories of personnel >>>

  • Integration of technical engineering personnel and general manpower into client’s team – we provide personnel trained and qualified in accordance with client’s requirements. Our employees are able to integrate into a new team efficiently due to induction courses passed in accordance with international HSE standards, professional development trainings and participation in international projects execution.

  • Outstaffing – our company is able to provide personnel and undertake personnel record keeping as well as all relevant expenditures. All employment relations matters we take upon ourselves and this gives our clients an opportunity to save their manhours and time.